13 Ways to Get the Most from Spotify for Artists

13 Ways to Get the Most from Spotify for Artists

Independent artists are doing it all! From creating the music to marketing it, touring, selling merchandise, and hustling to build a brand, there is an endless list of things to be done as a creative. With so much to juggle, you may have trouble sorting through it all. My advice? Focus on one or two platforms and tools at a time and maximize every single resource offered through those tools and platforms. Today, we tackle Spotify for Artists.

Spotify for Artists is a powerful app and website that pairs with your Spotify account and data as an artist, offering loads of opportunities that you might be missing out on! Independent artists can optimize their use of Spotify for Artists accounts to gain powerful insights into listening behaviors, engage with their audience, and promote their music effectively on the platform. Check out this list of ways to get the most from your Spotify for Artists account and get moving today!

I say this regularly! It is free and fast to verify your account. Ensure you’ve claimed and verified your artist profile on Spotify. This gives you control over your profile and allows you to access Spotify for Artists.

It is critical to maintain an up-to-date artist profile with a high-quality profile picture, a compelling bio, and links to your social media and website. This helps fans get to know you better. An out-of-date profile without recent releases can look abandoned and may dissuade new listeners from following, so stay ready!

Regularly check your Spotify for Artists dashboard to monitor streaming data, audience demographics, and playlist performance and placement. Insights into your listeners can inform your promotional strategies, music release planning, and guide targeted merchandise releases.

Use audience insights to understand where your listeners are, their age, gender, and streaming habits. With this information, independent artists can tailor music and promotion to their target audience and listenership.

Using the readily available information on the landing page of Spotify for Artists and deeper into the music section with detailed information on each track, artists can analyze the performance of their releases, including track and album stats, playlist placements, and performance of user-generated playlists. Artists can use this data to refine content strategy.

Use Spotify for Artists to schedule releases, allowing you to choose the optimal date and time for your music to go live on the platform. With some consideration and careful planning, rather than random releases, artists can plan for release day impact ahead of time, maximizing initial engagement.

Through Spotify for Artists, artists and their teams can create and curate playlists that feature your music and tracks from other artists in your genre. Share these playlists with your fans to promote your music and engage your audience.

Through this tool, artists can collaborate with Spotify’s editorial and curation teams by pitching one unreleased song from each release before the release day. Although this can be challenging for independent artists, it’s worth exploring opportunities to be featured on Spotify’s official playlists, as they have existing listenership and often have excellent results for exposure and streams. For more information on pitching to Spotify for their editorial playlists, check out this article on getting more placements.

Pre-saves are a great way to tell the Spotify algorithm that people are excited about your release. Create a pre-save campaign for every release and encourage fans to pre-save your upcoming releases on Spotify. A strong pre-save campaign with loads of saves from listeners before release day can boost your streams on release day and improve your chances of appearing on algorithmic playlists.

Respond to comments and messages from your fans on your artist profile, not just on social media. Building a strong, personal connection with your audience can lead to more engagement and loyalty.

Utilize Spotify’s advertising platform (Campaigns) to create and run targeted ad campaigns. Using Marquee and the Spotify ad opportunities can help you reach new listeners and boost your music’s visibility.

Create engaging Canvas videos for your tracks. These short looping videos can capture listeners’ attention and make your songs more interactive. Based on Spotify’s data, users who have canvas videos on their tracks experience longer listening time from their listeners.

You made it this far and are still reading. Are you overwhelmed? It’s time to lean on and connect your team to Spotify for Artists. Members of the artist team and members of the label can be added to Spotify for Artists to help manage the account and features. Connect your team and make the most of the platform.

Optimizing your Spotify for Artists account is crucial for building a strong presence on the platform. Regularly reviewing your analytics, engaging with your fans, and promoting your music strategically can lead to increased streams and better visibility. Make the most of the tools you have and level up your music career as an independent artist.

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