Pardison Fontaine Responds to Megan in New Song, “THEE PERSON”

Pardison Fontaine Responds to Megan in New Song, "THEE PERSON"

Pardison Fontaine is a rapper, songwriter, and artist known for his collaborations with huge artists in the hip-hop industry. He gained widespread recognition for his track “Backin’ It Up” and his talent behind the scenes as a songwriter. His unique style and contributions to the music scene have earned him a notable place in contemporary hip-hop.

Fontaine, an artist in his own right, has been releasing music for over a decade. With his very public relationship with Megan Thee Stallion taking center stage in the past few years, it seems the public needed a reminder. Today, Pardison Fontaine gave us all a reminder.

Yes. On November 17, 2023, Pardi dropped a lyric video and digital streaming version of his response to Megan’s “Cobra,” entitled “THEE PERSON.” In what appears to be his direct response to Megan “Thee Person,” Pardi details his thoughts, feelings, and emotions about the courtship, his previous intentions on marrying Megan, moments not offered up for public consumption during the couple’s time together, and information from Pardi’s side about their ultimate breakup.

Pardison Fontaine Responds to Megan in New Song, "THEE PERSON"

The lyric video cleverly runs a loop of the 8-bit game Snake, hinting at the response to “Cobra” and several metaphors laid out in the song. In Pardi’s notable style, he raps in a near-spoken-word pace and tone, calmly making it clear that he is not to be blamed for assumptions made about him cheating, amongst other things. His words, “Not in your house, not in your bed,” ring out clearly. Artistically, the track stands on its own, independent of the drama, as a well-written piece on heartbreak.

See for yourself and listen here for more.

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