PBE PLUTO Exceeds Expectations with New Single, “From Da Back”

PBE PLUTO Exceeds Expectations with New Single, "From Da Back"

Mobile, Alabama hip hop artist PBE PLUTO is making waves with his latest single, “From Da Back.” PBE PLUTO is one of the hottest rising independent stars in the nation. Notable appearances and features include REVOLT TV, HIP-HOP NATION, SHADE 45, BET JAMS, as well as many other music media outlets. His talent is incredible to see and hear in action, so today we are checking out his latest work.

PBE PLUTO’s music, characterized by “relatable narratives” speaks on his real-life experiences. We can attribute much of his popularity to that and his unfiltered writing style. Creatively, all of those elements come together and make you pay attention. His latest single, “From Da Back,” demonstrates that what they say about him and his style is true. “From Da Back” found its way to me through the Photobombshell media community and the producer of the track, Pap Star. Don’t you just love a good creative network?

Here are my thoughts.

With over 100,000 in just a few weeks, PBE PLUTO is doing something right. As I expect from Pap Star as the producer, the sound is clean, well mixed, and creatively aligns with PBE PLUTO’s direct, suggestive lyrics. The two are sonic superheroes with their powers combined.

Alabama artists just do things differently, and I love all of it. PBE PLUTO’s vocals are raspy with sleepy energy, like rapping on this track is so easy he could do it in his sleep. His flow is immaculate, perfectly aligned with the instrumentals, highlighting key lyrical moments with effective usage of tempo changes and creative pauses.

Lyrically, I had to play through the track MANY times to pick up all of the inuendos, similes, and general wordplay because even though this track might have a little sleepy vibe, PBE PLUTO is flying through his bars. The hook is what everyone will remember because it’s a natural earworm, but I loved the call-and-answer section in the second half of the song. Listen all the way through to understand what I’m talking about.

PBE PLUTO Exceeds Expectations with New Single, "From Da Back"

This single is raunchy and raw, with explicit lyrics that read like a sex manual. If that’s your vibe, then this track is for you, you little freak. Overall, I love the energy, the effortless musicality in PBE PLUTO’s flow, and the melodic elements in production. We classify it as explosive new music because even if you don’t fall in love with it, you can’t help but stop and listen because you never know what PBE PLUTO will say next.

Listen to “From Da Back” here on Spotify or wherever you stream your music.

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