Album Review: Shea Michael’s “Good Love”

My latest adventure into the Canadian independent music scene brings me to the sounds of a Calgary, Alberta-based artist. I seem to find myself more and more in the music scene in Canada lately. There is so much untapped goodness, and I am grateful to have connected with a few incredible artists in Canada whoContinue reading “Album Review: Shea Michael’s “Good Love””

Song Review: ‘Treat Me’ from R&B Artist, Image

If you don’t know who Image is, it’s time for you to do your homework. R&B artist, Image, is a soft, subtle mix reminiscent of Drake with a sprinkle of Bazzi. He has a real voice floating smooth runs, and honest relatable lyricism. His latest release, “Treat Me,” is no deviation from this recipe. TheContinue reading “Song Review: ‘Treat Me’ from R&B Artist, Image”

What is the Perfect Woman Made of?

When I think of the concept of a perfect woman, I oftentimes find myself comparing my attributes to the concept and coming up short. This is a phenomenon I am certain is not isolated to just me. I immediately harkened back to the year 2000 and the O-Town tune “Liquid Dreams.” I’m showing my age here,Continue reading “What is the Perfect Woman Made of?”