Domonogood on the Power of a Creative Network

If you aren’t paying close attention, you might find Domonogood online and think he’s just a regular New York guy, but you’d be mistaken. This creative, independent artist, videographer, and studio owner is making moves in the music scene on and off camera. In this interview, he shares simple, practical advice with fellow creatives, letsContinue reading “Domonogood on the Power of a Creative Network”

You Need To Hear This: Wavy Maliano, “Where Was You”

New York-based rapper, Wavy Maliano, has announced the visuals to his 2022 hit, “Where Was You,” are now available on YouTube. After building his musical and lyrical chops for over a decade, Wavy Maliano finally dropped his first project on all major streaming platforms in 2020. Inspired in his early life by Mase and Fabolous,Continue reading “You Need To Hear This: Wavy Maliano, “Where Was You””

J.Anthny Announces New Project and Creative Business Strategy

Networking pays off! I connected with this artist through my professional relationship with DJ KCity, who we recently interviewed, and who happens to be the artist’s manager! This week, I chat with R&B artist, writer, and producer, J.Anthny, about his music career, recent changes, tackling a rebranding period, the story behind this Lost Files series,Continue reading “J.Anthny Announces New Project and Creative Business Strategy”

Lonely Visuals from ARSNN Now Available on YouTube

ARSNN has been on a mission, tackling new creative projects with fire. His latest creative endeavors include new music, new visuals, and a new marketing strategy. Recently, ARSNN has been sharing more of his life, adventures in Puerto Rico, behind-the-scenes footage from his video shoots, and some of the creative process that contributed to hisContinue reading “Lonely Visuals from ARSNN Now Available on YouTube”

Nigerian Rapper, Enem, Drops Advice for Independents

Nigerian rapper, producer, and singer Enem is steadily gaining listeners and attention on streaming platforms with an international listenership built on Nigerian and African American musical inspiration. In this interview, Enem shares how he started making music, his transition to streaming platforms, and a piece of peer-to-peer advice for fellow musicians. Photobombshell Chats with NigerianContinue reading “Nigerian Rapper, Enem, Drops Advice for Independents”