New Music Monday Roundup Volume 1

New Music Monday is a little different this week! To keep up with the ever-growing and changing independent music scene and breakneck speed of release rates, we have a little new music roundup featuring several new projects in various genres. This week, I am tapping in with a few favorites, some quick highlights, and quickContinue reading “New Music Monday Roundup Volume 1”

Wan LeAir Details Alluring Professional Growth Strategies

Wan LeAir, an independent rapper and hip-hop artist out of Brooklyn, New York, is seemingly in constant motion and competition with himself. He has discovered within himself the ability to hone in on what his audience likes most, push his boundaries and comfort zone in creativity, and synergize both into new musical experiences that takeContinue reading “Wan LeAir Details Alluring Professional Growth Strategies”

Am3n and Us The Land Bring “W.Y.S.N.” to the Stage

This week, I have a treat for all the rock fans in the community. I rarely cover rock music because I find few up-and-coming independent artists in that genre that I truly enjoy. Growing up in the rural Pocono mountains, I got my fill of rock, hair bands, and metal before I could choose theContinue reading “Am3n and Us The Land Bring “W.Y.S.N.” to the Stage”

Jammins Reggae Fest Comes to the Tri-State Area

Reggae enthusiasts in the Tri-State area can anticipate an exciting weekend filled with three exceptional shows in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Long Island from Friday, August 11th to Sunday, August 13th as Jammins Reggae Fest brings the vibes. Presented by Jammins Events and Singers in Action Pt. 10, these events promise to deliver a thrillingContinue reading “Jammins Reggae Fest Comes to the Tri-State Area”

Messiah Ramkissoon Impresses with New Single, “Poetry and Motion”

“Poetry and Motion” from rapper, artist, and poet, Messiah Ramkissoon was released on June 27, 2023, to much fanfare. We’ve previously chatted with Ramkissoon, covering his career and motivations for getting into music. It seems he is true to his word and remains on a mission to create positive change in the world through theContinue reading “Messiah Ramkissoon Impresses with New Single, “Poetry and Motion””