Meet Independent Artist, Slay Mayas & Why ‘It’s My Time’

As with most artists and musicians I’ve met in recent history, today’s artist connected with me through Instagram. Anyone who says that it’s not a tool for music discovery isn’t trying that hard. Today, I want to take a few moments with a meet-the-artist feature and answer the question: Who is Slay Mayas? Who isContinue reading “Meet Independent Artist, Slay Mayas & Why ‘It’s My Time’”

New Music from Wiz Gains Quick Wins Through Calculated Risk

Wiz Hard Hittin, or Wiz as he is commonly referred to, is a rapper from Worcester, Massachusetts. I connected with Wiz through Instagram and my radio show, immediately noticing his bright red beard which was a topic of discussion when we first connected and in his radio interview on Photobombshell Radio. Through my conversations withContinue reading “New Music from Wiz Gains Quick Wins Through Calculated Risk”

Meet the Artist: Pap Star

One of the easiest ways to find new music for me these days, particularly independent music, seems to be scrolling through Instagram at 3:00 am. I’m tired, impressionable, and looking to soothe that Millenial Anxiety. I get loads of music suggestions from the playlists that I curate, from music-loving friends and connections in my DMs,Continue reading “Meet the Artist: Pap Star”

JaeLynn Shares Why She’s the Hip Hop Oracle

JaeLynn AKA JaeButta is an independent artist, photographer, and the Hip-Hop Oracle, hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania. I found her music through mutual social media connections and was drawn in by her smooth, chill vibe, creative visuals, and cleverly laid bars. This was my first independent artist interview with her on Season 1 of my “LiveContinue reading “JaeLynn Shares Why She’s the Hip Hop Oracle”