The USCPSC Releases Album, “We’re Safety Now Haven’t We”

The government is in on the action for New Music Monday. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission has just released a seven-song album geared to the teen and young adult crowd, specifically ages 13-24. The project covers messages on safety for common hazards for the age group, including bikes, ATVs, fireworks, appliances, toys, and evenContinue reading “The USCPSC Releases Album, “We’re Safety Now Haven’t We””

New Music Monday Roundup Volume 2

It’s time for another New Music Monday session. This week we are checking out a handful of releases that I have been meaning to get to from my DMs across social media platforms and release lists instead of my usual email list. We are finally caught up and these very recent releases should sound newContinue reading “New Music Monday Roundup Volume 2”

Wan LeAir Flexes on New Album, Bozo’s Artistry

You met Wan LeAir earlier this year when he dropped in to discuss his career and how he has pursued creative growth balanced with his audience interest indications. He is a man to watch, constantly leveling up in the New York scene. His latest album, Bozo’s Artistry, was released on August 16, 2023, and isContinue reading “Wan LeAir Flexes on New Album, Bozo’s Artistry”

You Need To Hear This: Wavy Maliano, “Where Was You”

New York-based rapper, Wavy Maliano, has announced the visuals to his 2022 hit, “Where Was You,” are now available on YouTube. After building his musical and lyrical chops for over a decade, Wavy Maliano finally dropped his first project on all major streaming platforms in 2020. Inspired in his early life by Mase and Fabolous,Continue reading “You Need To Hear This: Wavy Maliano, “Where Was You””

Lonely Visuals from ARSNN Now Available on YouTube

ARSNN has been on a mission, tackling new creative projects with fire. His latest creative endeavors include new music, new visuals, and a new marketing strategy. Recently, ARSNN has been sharing more of his life, adventures in Puerto Rico, behind-the-scenes footage from his video shoots, and some of the creative process that contributed to hisContinue reading “Lonely Visuals from ARSNN Now Available on YouTube”