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New Independent Music Reviews & Features

Louisiana Artist, PgmKing, Drops New Track, ‘EyesOnYou’

PgmKing is one of the many artists I’ve connected with through my work with independent artists on social media. His music has a uniquely eclectic sound, represented in his rap, R&B, and hip-hop catalog with a little southern vibe. Because his music doesn’t check just one box, I asked PgmKing how he would describe his style. From what he tells me, he doesn’t define his sound because he can work his way into many genres. Instead, he focuses on expressing himself in any given moment. For the future, he says he looks forward to trying new things and experimenting musically.Continue reading “Louisiana Artist, PgmKing, Drops New Track, ‘EyesOnYou’”

Chris "Phantom" Fields new album review what I meant to say

Chris “Phantom” Fields’ New Album, “What I Meant To Say”

Every single day I see and respond to requests for new music. Where are you looking when you say you can’t find fresh sound? There is so much talent pouring out of social media pages that your friends and friends of friends are making. All you have to do is pay attention. That is how I connected with Chris Fields. He is a friend of a friend who caught my attention with a single verse. If you follow me, you know RichFraz from my past articles. Fraz is a childhood friend and someone I used to sing with in theContinue reading “Chris “Phantom” Fields’ New Album, “What I Meant To Say””

Bussit Featured Image $kumbag Deuce

New to You Music: $kumbag Deuce’s ‘BUSSIT’ is Worth Spinning the Block

I am so grateful to the collective of artists and creatives who continue to support what I do. My online community here at and in my social media circles is a microcosm that takes care of itself and one another. The content I produced for my radio show almost four years ago continues to work hand-in-hand with building relationships with independent artists, highlighting their work, and helping me to discover their industry challenges and needs. Through learning about all of you, I am better able to provide or navigate toward resources to make independent musicians competitors in the musicContinue reading “New to You Music: $kumbag Deuce’s ‘BUSSIT’ is Worth Spinning the Block”

Baecay Featured Image

One Last ‘Baecay’ Before the End of the Summer

CAL. is a marketing professional, independent musician, rapper, producer, the guy who does everything, and the ‘Friday Night Frequency’ series guest host for Photobombshell Radio. Since I connected with him years ago, he has been supportive, innovative, and relentless in promoting his music and the music of independent artists (sound familiar?). Because he never misses an opportunity for promotion, CAL.’s new song and a digital call to action landed firmly in my inbox on July 22. Now the track is nearing 10,000 streams, and while I am three weeks behind everyone else, I am now falling in love with hisContinue reading “One Last ‘Baecay’ Before the End of the Summer”

Album Review of Thank Q by Kupid aka Q

Island Pop/Hip Hop Artist, Kupid aka Q, Releases New Album

In July 2022, the album ‘Thank Q‘ landed in my email inbox, and after a quick preview, I knew I wanted to write about the project. The rap sections are solid, and, in general, the project makes me move. Follow along with me as I break down the project track by track and share what I learned about the rap, hop hop, and island pop artist, Kupid aka Q. Who is Kupid aka Q? Q is no stranger to the music business. He has been performing since he was a teen and made his first big break when he joinedContinue reading “Island Pop/Hip Hop Artist, Kupid aka Q, Releases New Album”

Rich Pesos Featured Image for song review MVP

Independent Artist, Rich Pesos, is the Self-Proclaimed ‘MVP’

I run into new artists in the funniest ways. I honestly don’t know how I ended up connecting with today’s artist, but he stood out to me because of a few things. He doesn’t spam with links, sends specific requests in the DM, and pays attention to what I tell him in passing discussions. If you work with me, especially if you submitted a song for review, you know it will take me a minute to get to you – I am a one-woman show over here, running my shit and some other people’s too. This artist followed up correctly,Continue reading “Independent Artist, Rich Pesos, is the Self-Proclaimed ‘MVP’”

Slay Mayas featured image

Meet Independent Artist, Slay Mayas & Why ‘It’s My Time’

As with most artists and musicians I’ve met in recent history, today’s artist connected with me through Instagram, so anyone who says that it’s not a tool for music discovery isn’t trying that hard. Today, I want to take a few moments with a meet the artist feature and answer the question: Who is Slay Mayas? Who is Slay Mayas? If you take a few minutes to read her biography or google her name, you’ll learn that Slay Mayas is an American singer and songwriter originally from Queens, New York. What is not in that bio is her passion forContinue reading “Meet Independent Artist, Slay Mayas & Why ‘It’s My Time’”

Island Girl Featured Image, Boom Bangaz

Song Review: Boom Bangaz Debuts New Single, ‘Island Girl’

This week, I check out another summer vibe sent to me from Riddimstream Marketing, ‘Island Girl‘ from Boom Bangaz. I receive numerous emails and submissions from this particular marketing team regularly, but ‘Island Girl’ stood out to me because it falls into the usual genres that I review and because of the striking pink on the album art. Yes, these small things ABSOLUTELY do matter to people whether they notice that about themselves or not. Your imagery and submission to bloggers, playlisters, and venues in genres that align with their typical work are critical when seeking placement or press. WhoContinue reading “Song Review: Boom Bangaz Debuts New Single, ‘Island Girl’”

write emails that get opened, how to write emails that get opened, independent musicians, music marketing

Independent Musicians, Here’s How to Write Emails That Get Opened

I have shared a few times on this platform about increasing your reach through publications and blogs, getting more press for your music, and networking with influencers in the industry to promote your work. Many times, one of the first steps to building those relationships and garnering powerful partnerships that help both sides is an email. How do you write an email that grabs your recipient’s attention and keeps them interested long enough to view your inclusions (electronic press kit, anyone?)? Read on for how to write emails that get opened! Formatting For A Winning Email Based on my personalContinue reading “Independent Musicians, Here’s How to Write Emails That Get Opened”

Ike Rhein, Summer Breeze, New Music from Ike Rhein, music review, song review

Song Review: New Music from Ike Rhein is a ‘Summer Breeze’

Managers, marketers, independent record labels, and public relations firms have flooded my inbox lately with gems. I am never sad to have so many GREAT songs to listen to and review, so expect a constant stream of song and album reviews stacking up here at to publish in the coming weeks (Wednesdays and Saturdays!). There is something about the summertime that brings good vibes, fun tunes, and rhythms that move you. Recent submissions for review have been nothing short of a breath of fresh air, with today’s topic included. This week, I take an in-depth look and listen toContinue reading “Song Review: New Music from Ike Rhein is a ‘Summer Breeze’”

10 Things to Include in an EPK That Stands Out

Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is your business card, resume, and social media master document. For artists, the EPK is a powerful marketing piece shared with various organizations when seeking press, placement, air time, bookings, and more, so it must be professional, polished, and complete. Today, I share tips on preparing your EPK and 10 things to include for an EPK that stands out. In a perfect world, your EPK will live on your website. While this is not possible for everyone, depending on where you are in your musical career, there are other options for sharing your kit. You canContinue reading “10 Things to Include in an EPK That Stands Out”

new music from Beniton, Instagram is a Liar

‘Instagram is a Liar,’ New Music from Beniton

I have finally reached the level in my music writing career where promoters, managers, and marketing teams follow directions, sending electronic press kits via email without asking me in other places. Directly emailing me saves so much time by not having to duplicate efforts and streamlining my creative process. Streamlining my process seems like a small thing, but it has taken years to build my name to this point, and it is AWESOME. The downside to being well-loved by labels and other marketers is that I receive tons of off-genre or underdeveloped artists who immediately end up in my trashContinue reading “‘Instagram is a Liar,’ New Music from Beniton”

music from wiz, independent music, independent rapper, new music 2022

New Music from Wiz Gains Quick Wins Through Calculated Risk

Wiz Hard Hittin, or Wiz as he is commonly referred to, is a rapper from Worcester, Massachusetts. I connected with Wiz through Instagram and my radio show, immediately noticing his bright red beard which was a topic of discussion when we first connected and in his radio interview on Photobombshell Radio. Through my conversations with Wiz, I learned that from an early age, Wiz knew he intended to follow his dreams through a music career. Because of this early passion for music, it is not surprising that he released his first group project in 2013, named 508 Alliance, which allowedContinue reading “New Music from Wiz Gains Quick Wins Through Calculated Risk”

green clouds, new music from Keithian, Keithian, independent music, independent album review, album review, music review 2022

Get Lifted to Keithian’s Latest Album, ‘Green Clouds’

Writing a review on anything from Keithian is hard for me because I LOVE Keithian, and anything he touches is gold. How can I be unbiased? Today, I take an in-depth look at new music from Keithian, focusing on his recent album release, ‘Green Clouds,’ and discuss why this album and his entire catalog have something for every music lover. Who is Keithian? Keithian is one of my favorite independent artists of any genre. He is creative beyond measure, understands how music connects to human emotion and has the animal magnetism necessary to be a star. I have had theContinue reading “Get Lifted to Keithian’s Latest Album, ‘Green Clouds’”

mikyla cara, wondering, new music, music review, song review, independent music, independent singer, song review

Song Review: Mikyla Cara Releases New Single, ‘Wondering’

From 2019 through 2021, I created, produced, and hosted a streaming radio show on the Stationhead app. I built the radio show highlighting independent artists and welcoming them to the streaming community on that app. Word of mouth got around through a handful of very cool artists, like Ciph Boogie, who shared the news about what I was doing on the app. Caljamonit (who we lovingly call Cal), an artist and marketer, who would become my mini-series guest co-host and one of my favorite music marketing colleagues, approached me to put some of his artists on my interview list. IncrediblyContinue reading “Song Review: Mikyla Cara Releases New Single, ‘Wondering’”

madeline rose, new music, independent music, music review, song review, dive in, k-si yang

Song Review: New Music From Madeline Rose

If you have been following anything I write for the last two years, you know I love a late-night Instagram scroll for finding new and exciting music. By this point, almost everyone who knows me personally understands that I have a near-compulsive aim at finding audio gems, and my friends will send me the goods whenever they find those sonic sparklers first. This time, I was surprised by a business colleague with excellent taste in music, who let me know that this hot new independent artist would pique my interest. I think you’ll like her too. Let’s ‘Dive In’ toContinue reading “Song Review: New Music From Madeline Rose”

new music from Jantu feels like vacation

New Music From Jantu Feels Like Going On ‘VACATION!’

Here in Jersey, the weather has been hot and sunny between bouts of rain, and the searing pain from my most recent sunburn reminds me that summer is on its way. If you are like me and have a spirit for adventure, the approaching summer season feels like a great time to escape to just about anywhere. What does all of this have to do with music? A lot! Keep reading to find out exactly why I think new music from Jantu feels like a vacation. ‘VACATION!’ is an aptly named album by independent artist and musician, Jantu, bringing vacation energyContinue reading “New Music From Jantu Feels Like Going On ‘VACATION!’”

Song Review: Gramzunkut’s ‘Whoa Girl’

The self-proclaimed “five-borough thorough’” hip hop king, Gramzunkut, is back on the scene with some fresh new summer vibes on his latest single release, ‘Whoa Girl‘ featuring King Con. Want to know exactly what I thought about it? Keep reading. Who is Gramzunkut You may have heard about his music or seen him featured in Source, Hip Hop Weekly, thisis50, Worldstar, and other popular music publications. You may know him from his incredibly popular 2021 single, ‘Wanna Ride on My Wave.’ He has performed with some of the greats of hip hop and rap, including Jay-Z, Chief Keef, Benny theContinue reading “Song Review: Gramzunkut’s ‘Whoa Girl’”

Song Review: ‘Mudd Made’ by Independent Artist, Pap Star

Lately, I seem to have a way of making friends with independent musicians on Instagram, and I am so lucky for it. The past few months have been incredible, with new and exciting music coming through my DM, email, and website without prompting. I could not be happier to work with the talented independent musicians that I do, and when some well-loved artists bring me new things, I feel obliged to share my reviews. You may remember when I introduced you to independent rapper and musician Pap Star in February of 2022. Since I last checked him out and sharedContinue reading “Song Review: ‘Mudd Made’ by Independent Artist, Pap Star”


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