Free Playlisting Submission

Photobombshell is always looking for new music and artists to feature and has a growing list of popular playlists that artists can submit their tracks to below for free. Playlisting is always free, but placement is not guaranteed. Submit as many times and with as many songs as you’d like. Artists looking for The Playlist Submission Concierge Service are looking for a little more than one placement on one of my personal lists. The Playlist Concierge Service is an additional service available to artists; details can be found under Artist Services.

Our Playlists

Photobombshell’s playlists feature independent artists mixed in with your favorites from the majors in a specific sound profile. Each of our playlists has its own mood and vibe. These lists are also living collections, growing and changing on a weekly basis, so there is always something new to hear.


This playlist features an eclectic mix of the old school, new school, hip hop, pop, rap, trap, EDM, and more curated to hit you in the feels. It’s not all breakup songs, but it’s got that rainy-day vibe. Tap in below, follow Photobombshell, and stay connected, babe. 💋

Wet & Gushy

This playlist features WAP-laden, sexually driven rappers, MCs, and hip-hop powerhouses, mixed in with a few demon-time and R&B sexy beats. Tap into this playlist on your way to that sneaky link. 💋

My Heart Goes Boom Bap

This playlist features Boom bap beats, smooth hip-hop, chill rap, and New York sound. It’s a chill vibe to kick back and relax with. Can I kick it? Yes, you can. Follow this playlist when you are ready to sit back and vibe. 💋

Festival Dreams

This playlist features EDM favorites from the festival scene and soon-to-be favorites from new and independent artists. Take PLUR on the move with you. 💋

Fuck It Up

Fuck it up playlist artwork featuring a man facing the opposite direction wearing a red boxing glove and the title fuck it up displayed in the center

This playlist features well-loved hip-hop favorites and new music from independent and unsigned artists that will get you moving, motivated, and ready to take on the world for a workout or whatever goal you need to tackle. 💋

LoFi Smoke

Photobombshell's LoFi Smoke playlist

Photobombshell’s LoFi Smoke playlist features a mix of LoFi hip hop, LoFi covers, and record static to study, fall asleep to, or use as the soundtrack to your next daydream. Tune in and listen or submit your LoFi track for placement.

Independent Up Next

Photobombshell’s Independent Up Next playlist features all independent music from multiple genres for those who love to find those hidden musical gems. Tune in now or submit your latest song for placement!