Island Pop/Hip Hop Artist, Kupid aka Q, Releases New Album

In July 2022, the album ‘Thank Q‘ landed in my email inbox, and after a quick preview, I knew I wanted to write about the project. The rap sections are solid, and, in general, the project makes me move. Follow along with me as I break down the project track by track and share whatContinue reading “Island Pop/Hip Hop Artist, Kupid aka Q, Releases New Album”

Song Review: 2woAM Releases Single ‘Full Moon’

Shortly after midnight on January 18, 2022, a familiar notification blinked on my phone screen. It was an Instagram DM. It was my favorite type of message; a link to a newly released album. Because my friends are so incredibly dope, it isn’t rare that a new song, track, beat, or project comes my wayContinue reading “Song Review: 2woAM Releases Single ‘Full Moon’”