10 Things to Include in an EPK That Stands Out

Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is your business card, resume, and social media master document. For artists, the EPK is a powerful marketing piece shared with various organizations when seeking press, placement, air time, bookings, and more, so it must be professional, polished, and complete. Today, I share tips on preparing your EPK and 10 thingsContinue reading “10 Things to Include in an EPK That Stands Out”

Album Review: Shea Michael’s ‘Good Love’

My latest adventure into the Canadian independent music scene brings me to the sounds of a Calgary, Alberta-based artist. I seem to find myself more and more in the music scene in Canada lately. There is so much untapped goodness, and I am grateful to have connected with a few incredible artists in Canada whoContinue reading “Album Review: Shea Michael’s ‘Good Love’”