What Do You Say? .Jck Pours His Heart Out on the New York Scene

New York-based artist and producer, .Jxck is relatively new on the music scene. He debuted his first album in 2017, but his seasoned vocals are nothing short of an audio escape. With roots in Portland, Maine multi-instrumentalist, .Jxck brings a refreshing energy to that of the New York music landscape. A good Instagram put meContinue reading “What Do You Say? .Jck Pours His Heart Out on the New York Scene”

Album Review: Shea Michael’s ‘Good Love’

My latest adventure into the Canadian independent music scene brings me to the sounds of a Calgary, Alberta-based artist. I seem to find myself more and more in the music scene in Canada lately. There is so much untapped goodness, and I am grateful to have connected with a few incredible artists in Canada whoContinue reading “Album Review: Shea Michael’s ‘Good Love’”

What is the Perfect Woman Made of?

When I think of the concept of a perfect woman, I oftentimes find myself comparing my attributes to the concept and coming up short — a phenomenon I am certain is not isolated to just me. In music, I have immediately harkened back to the year 2000 and the O-Town tune “Liquid Dreams.” I know IContinue reading “What is the Perfect Woman Made of?”