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The USCPSC Releases Album, “We’re Safety Now Haven’t We”

The government is in on the action for New Music Monday. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission has just released a seven-song album geared to the teen and young adult crowd, specifically ages 13-24. The project covers messages on safety for common hazards for the age group, including bikes, ATVs, fireworks, appliances, toys, and even…

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Blu Lyon Offers His Perspective on the Music Industry

How often do you hear artists speaking about the realities of the music industry and entertainment business? Now, how often do you hear them using those truths as motivation for their musical creations? We caught up with Blu Lyon at “Go Crazy Festival” in April of 2023 and fell in love with his stage presence…

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Artist Development

What to Know for Your First Studio Recording Session

Has being inexperienced kept you from booking time at a professional recording studio? For those starting and nervous about working in a new space or with other industry professionals, Stewart Tuttle of Altar Studios in Los Angeles took some time to answer common questions about working in a professional recording studio. Check out the interview…

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How to Get Featured on Spotify Playlists

In the time that I have spent as a streaming radio show host, marketing lover, and writer in the independent scene, I’ve learned there are gaps in marketing for independent artists. These are challenges that artists signed to the majors don’t have to bridge. One of those struggles centers around getting new ears to hear…

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Featured Independent Artist

Showrocka is Lyrically Cursive and Leading the Way

Showrocka is an artist, educator, and preservationist of hip-hop. For much of his life, he has lived in two worlds, educated among the elite while growing up in urban poverty. Laser-focused on creative and technical skills of rap music, Showrocka has made a name for himself in the musical underground, building a community of like-minded…

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