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Bosslyfe Jaz Drops New Single, ‘I Was Just Wit ‘Em’

Following up on the success of his last single, ‘Morgan Freeman,’ Bosslyfe Jaz keeps applying pressure with his latest release, a single entitled, ‘I Was Just Wit ‘Em.’ This release has been available on digital streaming platforms for just over a week and is already pulling in radio time, spins from well-known DJs, and attention…

Music Marketing

How to Get Featured on Spotify Playlists

In the time that I have spent as a streaming radio show host, attraction marketing lover, and writer in the independent artist scene, I’ve learned that there are gaps in marketing for independent artists. These are challenges that artists signed to the majors don’t have to bridge. One of those struggles centers around getting new…

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Featured Independent Artist

Unreal BPM Shares His Creative Process from Mix Tapes to Mainstream

Unreal BPM is a producer, artist, and DJ, whose love of music spans genres and decades. This week, we discuss his creative process, what makes a creative session successful, and the Jersey Club resurgence in the mainstream. Photobombshell’s Interview with Unreal BPM Photobombshell: Thank you so much for agreeing to take some time to discuss…