Love Vampire: Behind the Scenes of Songwriting with Ashley Quinter

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into the behind-the-scenes of music creation with an artist, but I enjoyed putting this interview with Ashley Quinter together over the course of the past few weeks. I think you will all enjoy insightful moments about her writing process, how she selects instrumentals, her journey to get whereContinue reading “Love Vampire: Behind the Scenes of Songwriting with Ashley Quinter”

Independent Musicians, Here’s How to Write Emails That Get Opened

I have shared a few times on this platform about increasing your reach through publications and blogs, getting more press for your music, and networking with influencers in the industry to promote your work. Many times, one of the first steps to building those relationships and garnering powerful partnerships that help both sides is anContinue reading “Independent Musicians, Here’s How to Write Emails That Get Opened”

JaeLynn Shares Why She’s the Hip Hop Oracle

JaeLynn AKA JaeButta is an independent artist, photographer, and the Hip-Hop Oracle, hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania. I found her music through mutual social media connections and was drawn in by her smooth, chill vibe, creative visuals, and cleverly laid bars. This was my first independent artist interview with her on Season 1 of my “LiveContinue reading “JaeLynn Shares Why She’s the Hip Hop Oracle”

Live with Ciph Boogie

Just like Jerellz, I met Ciph Boogie through the Stationhead app. He was one of the first people to welcome me to the platform and made me feel comfortable interviewing on air. While I was getting my concept and format together, he was supportive and ALWAYS promoted his music on the app and social mediaContinue reading “Live with Ciph Boogie”

Live with Jerellz

In 2019, I started hosting a streaming radio show on the Stationhead app as an ambassador. For a year, the show was all over the place, finding the sweet spot for a show time, covering various genres, and offering lots of giggles. It wasn’t until January of 2020 that I focused my ideas and energy on creatingContinue reading “Live with Jerellz”