Meet Independent Artist, Slay Mayas & Why ‘It’s My Time’

Meet Independent Artist, Slay Mayas & Why 'It's My Time'

As with most artists and musicians I’ve met in recent history, today’s artist connected with me through Instagram. Anyone who says that it’s not a tool for music discovery isn’t trying that hard. Today, I want to take a few moments with a meet-the-artist feature and answer the question: Who is Slay Mayas?

Portrait of independent artist, Slay Mayas
Slay Mayas, Photo credit: Enoc Purcell

If you take a few minutes to read her biography or google her name, you’ll learn that Slay Mayas is an American singer and songwriter. She is originally from Queens, New York.

What is not in that bio is her passion for acting and performing from the tender age of 9. It wasn’t until she was 14 that she learned she had a talent for singing by accident. While Slay was singing along to a Mariah Carey album, a friend who had been listening told her her voice was good. After that, Slay started recording herself, singing in the bathroom because of the acoustics. That’s when she came to understand her talent.

When asked about her inspiration and motivation, Slay says, “The feeling that I felt when I was singing was this conviction. I felt really good. I was surprised because I didn’t know I had this talent and this gift.” Since then, her passion for music has been inspired by her experiences in her formative years with self-esteem issues and self-doubt and how, as a woman, her life experiences in overcoming those challenges motivate others to reach their highest form of self.

Her presence is dreamy, featuring an ethereal quality, with notable influences from Erykah Badu, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys (an artist favorite), H.E.R., and many well-loved R&B and soul ladies of the last 30 years. Slay Mayas classifies her music as alternative R&B, contemporary “with some pop in there now and then.”

Slay Mayas stays working! No newbie to the music scene with an official start in 2015, Slay Mayas has been making music for nearly a decade and performing for much longer. She built her catalog with consistent releases in the past three years, with her most recent single, ‘It’s My Time,’ in June 2022.

In addition to her recent release, Slay Mayas starred in a documentary on her life entitled ‘It’s My Time,’ chronicling her life growing up in New York, moving to Philadelphia, and her life as a musician. Fans should anticipate a music video for ‘It’s My Time’ dropping soon.

This year, Slay Mayas made it into the top 10 of the Hollywood Bowl competition, opening the door for her most recent performance in Los Angeles. Last month that opportunity came to fruition, and Slay Mayas traveled to Los Angeles for the 2HotRadio event for BET weekend where she performed at the Grammy Museum.

When asked about what is in the works, Slay let us know that she is always making new music but doesn’t want to give too much away. I will let you all know that Slay Mayas continues to work behind the scenes on new music with both a single and an EP in the works. In future projects, listenings will hear a new spin on her message from working through heartbreak, elevating past that, and positioning oneself in a position of power. As Slay says, “We are elevating past that, ready to take over.”

Slay Mayas, Photo credit: Enoc Purcell

In Closing

When I asked Slay Mayas what one piece of advice she would offer to anyone considering a career in music or as an independent artist, she let me know that she often gives advice to new and upcoming artists. Slay’s most valuable piece of advice she shares is to “Believe in yourself even if nobody else believes in you, particularly in your inner circle. You have to be your biggest fan and educate yourself on this game because it is the business that matters more than the talent. Talent brings the business. Arm yourself with knowledge, believe in yourself, and have the right circle of people around you. The sky is the limit after that (and beyond).”

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