Liv Hanna, Real and Raw with New Release, “Back To Hell”

Liv Hanna, Real and Raw with New Release, "Back to Hell"

Happy New Music Monday! There have been so many releases in the past few weeks, and it’s taken a significant amount of energy to keep up with all of you incredible artists! At, we are the BEST kind of busy! The track we are checking out today was released on June 2, 2023. The sad-pop mental health anthem, “Back to Hell” stood out amongst many others released the same week. “Back to Hell” is a new song from Liv Hanna that everyone should hear. It’s a pop track, but heavy on the sad girl vibes reminiscent of Billie Eilish, with just a touch of lightness. In this article, we walk through who Liv Hanna is, details about her latest release, the soundscape of this project, and why you should stream “Back To Hell.”

Who is Liv Hanna?

Liv Hanna is a singer-songwriter and performing artist from New York, currently in Miami, Florida. Her unique sound has attracted a fair amount of media attention lately, and so too, that of Her polished vocals and expansive range caught our attention, but we stayed for the lyrics.

With her latest release, “Back To Hell” live as of June 2, we took that as an opportunity to introduce Liv and her latest to the community. With a streaming music digital footprint a few years old, Liv seems to be growing her streaming listener base while building her catalog of pop tracks with dark and alt-genre blends.

Liv Hanna. Photo Credit: Trinity Nguyen

A Follow-Up to “Buried Alive”

In line with her previous release, “Buried Alive,” Liv brings the sad girl vibes while sharing vulnerable, relatable truths in “Back to Hell.” This time around, Liv’s vocals are deeper, more raw, and take on less of an angelic sound compared to her previous work and with just a few days on streaming platforms. “Back to Hell” is already out streaming the previous 2022 single.

“Back To Hell,” written entirely by Liv Hanna, is a testament to the artist’s creativity, skill, and authenticity of the song. Producer, PJ McGinnis, was enlisted for the project, artfully crafting the genre-bending soundscape of the hauntingly beautiful piece and a bridge that doesn’t break the momentum of the track. The chord progression and guitar riffs mixed with Liv Hanna’s ethereal vocals evoke a deep sadness of living in the same place as hope.

Inspiration for “Back To Hell”

On the inspiration and motivation for the song, Liv Hanna shares, “Back To Hell'” is a reaction to loss and rejection. It is feeling isolated yet somehow finding comfort in your isolation. It’s sometimes easier to stay in that state until you have the energy and support to come back out of it.” Taking inspiration from life experiences, Liv details the emotions derived from isolation, rejection, and depression and the battles that ensue when fighting for yourself and your mental health in this song.

Whether you have struggled with your mental health or not, listeners will connect with this sad girl anthem and the uplifting hook that recognizes the present struggle and hopeful outlook for the future. This song, while similar to the previous release, is a departure from a more upbeat sound, however, pop lovers and sad girls alike will enjoy this track and Liv Hanna’s full catalog

Connect with Liv Hanna

Learn more about Liv Hanna and her work here, connect with her on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, and stream “Back To Hell” now! It’s out on all digital streaming platforms, just waiting for you!

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