New Music Monday Roundup Volume 1

New Music Monday Roundup Volume 1

New Music Monday is a little different this week! To keep up with the ever-growing and changing independent music scene and breakneck speed of release rates, we have a little new music roundup featuring several new projects in various genres.

This week, I am tapping in with a few favorites, some quick highlights, and quick links to stream them yourselves! Let us know in the comments what you think, which tracks are winners, and what you have coming up that we should feature in the next New Music Monday roundup.

Jantu – “I Dont Care”

Jantu continues to entertain us with his evolving style. In “I Don’t Care,” he brings high energy, catchy hooks, and creative lyrics. I enjoy the repetitive nature of the “chorus” in this track when that is something I will knock people for. In this song, it works and listeners will enjoy it. If you’re a high-energy lover or just a Jantu fan, you are sure to vibe with this one.

I Don't Care Single Album art featuring a 3D style animated astronaut with 3D pills in various colors floating around it.

Tinywiings – “Honey Badger Freestyle”

I can’t keep up with Tinywiings. This woman is a force of nature, and her release schedule is ASTONISHING. With new music coming every few weeks, you would think the music would be watered down, repetitive, or burn her out, but Tinywiings defies logic. “Honey Badger Freestyle” is not her latest project, but the baddie rapper crushes again with this freestyle. I love the aggressive energy, creative samples, and audio styling, with the stand-out lyrics that simultaneously make me laugh and stun me at the same time. This one is fast. You may have to play it a few times to get the full effect, but you’ll love it because that bounce is dope AF.

Honey Badger Freestyle album art features Tinywiings above a graffiti style album title with art deco style honey badger graphics in the background in various colors

DJ Private Ryan X Preedy –

“Split Personality”

There is not much to say about this track except that you will love it. It’s an easy dance vibe with high energy, changing vibes throughout, and beat changes that keep you moving. If you miss those early 2000s SOCA party vibes, you’ll love “Split Personality” by DJ Private Ryan and Preedy.

The 2022 release has recently been re-released with a Roadmix version which is equally good. DJ Private Ryan is another creative who is pumping out music at an incredible pace, so keep an eye on him and his ever-growing catalog!

Split Personality album art features the title, Split Personality from DJ Private Ryan and Preedy. Featured for New Music Monday

Chunk KOA X Oren Major – “Baddie”

I love some southern rap elements, and “Baddie” by Chunk KOA and Oren Major does not disappoint. If you like Pap Star, 90’s hip hop, or Lil Wayne, you’ll enjoy the mix of modern and 90s-reminiscent elements of this song. I’m also a massive fan of the album art, but the track is a smooth listen with bars that will make you run it back to listen again and again.

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