Win or Lose is a Musical Breakthrough for J.Anthny and DJ Kaptain

Win or Lose is a Musical Breakthrough for J.Anthny and DJ Kaptain

Los Angeles-based rapper-turned-singer, J.Anthny is quickly becoming a household name here at If you missed his last interview, check out his origin story and advice for fellow independent artists. In his latest project, an album in collaboration with DJ Kaptain, J.Anthny shares his story inspired by the success of his peers and builds on his growing catalog with DJ Kaptain’s production prowess. The album is building steam and growing in popularity, with good reason. This week, we deep dive into the album, “Win or Lose.”

“Win or Lose,” the August 2023 release, continues to climb with trap, rap, and R&B features, drawing attention and praise. The project features twelve tracks, the most popular track by measurement of streams being “Up Now.”

We were fortunate enough to catch up with J.Anthny and DJ Kaptain to discuss the inspiration and motivation for this album. In a surprising change up for both creatives, it seems that changing the method and moving to their latest creative spaces has been the magic each was looking for.

When asked what sparked that fire for this project, DJ Kaptain shares, “From my perspective, the inspiration behind the album was where J and I found ourselves on our respective journeys, working to break into the music industry. I felt overlooked as a producer because I was always known as the DJ. I know J intentionally shifted his focus to his career as an artist instead of engineering, producing, and writing for others. Ultimately, we wanted to put out a project that showcased our abilities as producers, artists, and hit makers.”

J.Anthny shares, “My inspiration came from watching so many of my peers like Blxst and Chris O’Bannon excel, and I felt left behind. I had to step away from helping everyone through engineering and producing and focus on my craft as an artist. This aligned perfectly with DJ Kaptain. He was also looking to do more. He’s not just a DJ. I think you can feel the passion for this project from both of us.”

“Win or Lose” is the title track on the album and first up. If anything speaks to the mission these two creatives are on, this song is the headline. J.Anthny and DJ Kaptain are announcing to the world. This is it, win or lose. Listeners will connect J.Anthny with his T-Pain vibe and powerful rap style lyricism, weaving in punchlines, similes, and metaphors while vocalizing as a singer. J.Anthny has masterfully taken rap technicality and applied it to R&B. This song is a never-give-up anthem with insane bass and instrumentals that make you want to listen again and again.

Fast as I Can” is a bit of an underdog on the album, trailing in streams. It’s a late-night drive vibe that everyone can fall in love with. The heartbeat rhythm bass mixed with high-pitched electronic sounds creates a mid-tempo sound that feels catchy and relaxed simultaneously. Together DJ Kaptain and J.Anthny have created a sound that feels fresh, but nostalgic. It’s magic.

Bounce Back” is about resilience in all forms, celebrating J.Anthny and his ability to beat the odds and any setback that comes his way. Not everyone could bounce back like this artist, but if that’s you, this song celebrates that. If you took a loss, could you bounce back? It’s a lived-in feel with a more relaxed energy than some of the other tracks on the album, with another bass-heavy beat, and we are here for it.

This track stands out for so many reasons. The introduction is significantly different than any other song on the project. The melody, the song structure, everything about “Up Now” is special. Unsurprisingly, DJ Kaptain and J.Anthny have dubbed this track their favorite from the album.

When asked which track he favors, DJ Kaptain explains, “My favorite song is “Up Now” because it feels good, makes you want to dance, and is just a fun record. Then the lyrics give it an edge, with J saying we’re bringing a unique sound with our collaboration, coming for everything we deserve. I’ve pictured us performing that song more than a few times, and can’t wait to do it.”

On that same wavelength, J.Anthny shares, “My favorite song is “Up Now” because it feels good. I wrote that song in my sleep, and DJ Kaptain is a witness to this. After we made the beat, DJ Kaptain arranged it, and I fell asleep. It’s like I was performing the song in my dream, and I woke up and had the song written. It is a very unusual process to that song, but it’s also the reason I love it. It’s pure passion.”

The fans and listeners seem to be in agreement, as “Up Now” is a clear frontrunner for streams and listens.

Drop Top” has party vibes written all over it. It’s the perfect energy for getting ready to pop out and I already can envision the baddies getting ready lip-syncing this to themselves in the mirror. I love the energy, full upbeat energy, and playful lyrics. The instrumentals are groovy and listeners will hear a little more J.Anthny and a little less of the autotune feel, which I truly enjoy. This is a great track that’s easy to fall in love with.

This song has a slow build with the vocals leading the way to an instrumental that takes over your senses. “Run Away” is a love spell that speaks to anyone who wants to escape it all with their one. This is easily my favorite track on the album, speaking to my little runaway heart. Who doesn’t want a little sexy secret? “Don’t think about it. I got it. Baby, run away with me.” Yup. That’s the one. It’s easy and sultry. You’re going to love it like I do. Listen now.

Even though this might come off as another party banger, “Particular” is one of the slower, more laid-back projects on “Win or Lose.” In his loverboy style. J.Anthny seduces the listener with his sultry lyrics and velvety tone. The production is spot on, clean, and matches the energy of “Particular.” I particularly enjoyed the drum lines and percussion on this track with the subtle deep wavy synths snuck in seamlessly. Kick back and have a drink with this one, it’s a dream.

Oh, it’s a love song. One of the most tender and raw moments from J.Anthny comes in the form of this song. “Could you be the one I call?” There are so many moments that hit you right in the feels. This man is pouring it all out, and the beat works incredibly well to highlight the heightened emotion in this song. While remaining upbeat and positive, “Could You Be” is a raw look at looking for love, and we love it.

This one is sexy and direct. I love the obvious lyrics in this song that express a sexual interest without being raunchy. J.Anthny isn’t just talking on “TalkkkktoMeeee.” He is showing the world he is with it. As with every single track on this project, the production value is bananas with that signature sexy bass and trap features that blend so well with J.Anthny’s vocals.

You’ve heard it before if you have been in music a while, “scared money doesn’t make money.” J.Anthny and DJ Kaptain lay it out and present a powerful hustler’s anthem on taking risks and winning because that’s the only way they know how. “Watch and learn baby…” or in this case, listen and learn, baby. “Scared Money” leans toward melodic rap, even melodic trap, and is a great listen.

“I wouldn’t change not a thing. If I could, I’d still be me.” J.Anthny proclaims his authenticity in this track, speaking on how fame wouldn’t change who he is as a person and artist. With a hint of disillusionment, “Ain’t What It Seems” is powerful and real for an artist trying and successfully making it to the point of fame. The instrumentals are clean and feature the signature sound we have come to love from DJ Kaptain.

Another track that is trailing but well worth a listen is the last song on the album, “Money over Fame.” This title piqued my interest as the topic is something I often ask artists about when exploring their motivations for becoming musicians and entering the music business. When we talk about money versus fame, it’s clear to J.Anthny that the answer is money. He shares his motivation and how music is more than a game for him in this song, a powerful track that most music creatives can connect with.

Much can be said about the new project and overall production value of “Win or Lose.” It’s well built, thoughtfully curated, and beautifully written and executed as a whole, as well as for each track. This is a SKIP FREE album. Listen all the way through.

With a world of change for both creatives, J.Anthny and DJ Kaptain tapped in to share about their growth on this project and what they are most proud of. DJ Kaptain mentions, “I’ve grown in so many ways while making this album that there are too many to list. I think the biggest lesson I learned was not to overthink because the process didn’t leave any room for that at all.” J.Anthny adds, “[With “Win or Lose”] I’ve grown in experience being an artist, and I’ve grown in trusting the team around me with the moves that will take my music to the next level. I definitely can’t do this alone.”

This duo is seemingly a match made in heaven pumping out hit after hit, proving to everyone listening and watching that sometimes a change-up is exactly what’s needed for professional progression. Hats off to J.Anthny and DJ Kaptain. “Win or Lose” is a win.

Stream the album everywhere you get your music, and let us know what you think in the comments! What’s your favorite track from the album?

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