Song Review: ‘Mudd Made’ by Independent Artist, Pap Star

Lately, I seem to have a way of making friends with independent musicians on Instagram, and I am so lucky for it. The past few months have been incredible, with new and exciting music coming through my DM, email, and website without prompting. I could not be happier to work with the talented independent musicians that I do, and when some well-loved artists bring me new things, I feel obliged to share my reviews. You may remember when I introduced you to independent rapper and musician Pap Star in February of 2022. Since I last checked him out and shared ‘Frozen Heartz Pinedes‘ with all of you, he has been hard at work making more music. Because of my stellar personality and the way I’ve just seemed to click with Pap Star, he has trusted me to preview and review his upcoming release, ‘Mudd Made‘ before it is available on streaming platforms. The single will release publicly on June 10, 2022, so get ready.

Mudd Made album art.
Album Artwork for ‘Mudd Made.” Cover art credit: Pap Star.
Existing Fans

If you are already a fan of Pap Star’s music, you will surely enjoy the upcoming release of ‘Mudd Made,’ as it falls in line with his signature sound built on melodic rap, his raspy voice reminiscent of 2006-2010 T-Pain, and a beat that makes you want to move. Pap Star seems to have found a winning recipe in how he builds his sound from the ground up and his witty lyricism. In ‘Mudd Made,’ listeners will hear direct references to being self-made, creating your success, tapping into and trusting your intuition, plus some spicy sexual innuendos we have come to know and love from the artist.

First-time Listeners

First-time listeners who are fans of hip-hop and melodic rap will quickly fall in love with the upcoming release. This song is another one that seems to go by too soon, is easily played on repeat, and is where you can pick up new things with the first several listens. It is well-produced, well-mixed, and well-written, a testament to Pap Star’s skills in mixing and mastering, the producer Prod By Bark, and Pap Star’s team, C.B.L.R. Honestly, even if you don’t like hip hop or rap, this one might change your mind.

The project has a lot to offer, including GREAT energy that will make you move, even if you are sitting, working, or writing a music review at your computer… I mean, no matter where you are. My absolute favorite part of ‘Mudd Made’ as of right now is the bass line. The bass on the track is deep and booming, making itself known but not overtaking the melody. That bass makes ‘Mudd Made’ a track you will want to listen to with the volume all the way up to feel it move through your body (I know I’m not the only one who does that). There are also some unexpected elements like a gentle guitar melody, a few woodwind instrument sounds cleverly sprinkled in, ad-libs that pop off throughout the track, and tension built between heavy and soothing pieces of the instrumental itself.

Lyrically, the song has bright moments like “Mudd made; I’m the potter. I’m the clay.” demonstrating the central message of the project, that the artist’s success comes from his hard work and dedication to his craft. The words play on struggle and success, a direct nod to sexual prowess and power and tapping into your instincts in the creative process.

In closing…

I am not surprised to have enjoyed the project as I genuinely support Pap Star and his work because he always brings quality. Those of you who trust me and my ear will agree that this track is a winner. Tap in with Pap Star on social media, stay connected for further announcements about this project, and set a reminder for June 10, 2022, to save, stream, and add ‘Mudd Made’ to your favorite playlist. You’re welcome. 💋

Update on ‘Mudd Made’

‘Mudd Made’ is now live and available on all streaming platforms. Check out Pap Star’s video premiere below!

Mudd Made Official Video

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