AL99 Speaks on Legacy, Being the Business, and Versatility

AL99 Speaks on Legacy, Being the Business, and Versatility

AL99 is an enigmatic and immensely talented musician who has taken the music world by storm. With his unique blend of genres, captivating melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics, AL99 has quickly gained a devoted following and established himself as a rising star. Known for his live performances and distinctive musical style that defies categorization, AL99 has become synonymous with innovation and boundary-pushing creativity.

From his infectious hooks to his introspective storytelling, AL99’s music transcends genres, touching the hearts of listeners around the globe. In this interview, AL99 shares how he navigates the music industry as an educated professional focused on business and employability, his unique experience as a music legacy, and his plans for the future.

AL99 Speaks on Legacy, Being the Business, and Versatility
AL99, Photo credit: @DamienChristopherPhotography

AL99 is Doing It All!

Photobombshell: AL99! What a pleasure to have you sharing your story with the community. I have done my homework and have a lot to chat with you about, but for now, give me the career highlights!

AL99: My name is Al. I’m a 23-year-old musician, artist, and producer! I was born in New Jersey to Native New Yorker parents and raised in Arizona. My sound is eclectic, and I do it all. It is reflected in my musical compositions and lyrics. I love all genres of music and have been making music since I was a child, playing guitar, keyboard, and drums since six years old. My skills, music, and lyrics have all evolved in that time. I’m a much better lyricist and songwriter at 23 than I was at 17.

Music and Financial Independence

Photobombshell: Your story stands out to me because of your commitment to music, so much so that you found a way to make an income through music regardless of your personal success. You’re an artist, musician, producer, audio engineer, and more. What inspired you to get started, and what education and training do you have in the music space?

AL99: I’ve loved music since I was a little kid. My family reminds me of when I was a toddler and asked to listen to Dizzy Gillespie to go to sleep! I love the great Jazz musicians! I studied music in school and have two degrees, one in Music Business and one in Audio Production. Since I run my own music production company and label, it was important to me and my family that I learned the business of the music business. I wanted a skill set where I would always be a working musician. Being able to do it all allows me the freedom to be financially independent. From songwriting to producing, to mixing & mastering, to performing, I know I will always be employable.

Photobombshell: Why do you think, as a creative, it is necessary to understand business, and operate as a business, particularly when it is often the farthest thing from young musicians’ minds? 

AL99: I come from a musical family. My grandfather is one of the original members of the acclaimed acapella group, “The Persuasions.” They are known as the Godfathers of Acapella. I know their history of being taken advantage of financially and making bad deals by signing horrible contracts. After discussing with my family that I wanted to pursue music professionally, they agreed but insisted that I become a business. I had to learn the ins and outs of the music business and work for myself. Even knowing that being an independent artist would be a hard road four years ago, I’m glad I listened.

A Brooklyn Legacy

Photobombshell: Like many musicians I connect with, you are part of a musical legacy. Outside of the negative aspects of the industry, I am sure there have been other influences and benefits. What has that been like for you? Do you feel better prepared to move into the music industry because of it?

AL99: Yes, it’s a great feeling! I love telling people who my grandpa is! The Persuasions are world-known and Brooklyn royalty! They even have a gold leaf in the Brooklyn botanical gardens near Barbara Streisand! That’s cool, and I love talking about my family’s Brooklyn roots! I also have a cousin who is an entertainment lawyer. Learning about contracts from her has been invaluable. I feel better prepared in many aspects, but it’s a new day. I’m always learning new technology and methods for distributing my music. Some things have stayed the same in the business. A 360 Deal will always be a 360 Deal and terrible for the artist. Even with the struggles, I love being independent and in control of my career.

AL99’s Versatility and Business Acumen

Photobombshell: Something I noticed about you is your ability to blend and move seamlessly in social circles and musical genres. What makes your sound quality so remarkable (in your own opinion) and versatile?

AL99: I’m a perfect example of a multi-cultured person, where I can be myself in different social settings and environments, and people enjoy my presence and rock with me. The way I grew up is a testament to that. I am biracial, and I always had all types of friends from different ethnic backgrounds. It was always easy for me to relate to ALL people, even when they might not have related to me. When it comes to my sound, I feel that since I grew up listening to all genres of music (yes even classical and opera) it’s easy for me to hear unique sounds in my head. I try my best to convey those sounds in my music.

AL99, Photo credit: @DamienChristopherPhotography

Advice for Independent Artists

Photobombshell: Given your unique and well-rounded perspective, what practical advice can you give fellow independent artists that they can put into action right now?

AL99: Through the first four years of working on music and seeing my career flourish, the best advice I can offer is to start promoting yourself and your music through social media. SPEND THE MONEY to have your content seen by the masses through Facebook ads, legitimate playlist placements for your music, radio placements, and even paid performances. All these things will begin to pay for themselves and eventually start making you a profit which you can put back into your career (IF YOU TAKE IT SERIOUSLY).

Photobombshell: Great advice, and I love how you specify the legitimacy of these avenues. Do your homework before you invest in services and ads, but yes, invest in yourself and your career. 

A Family Affair

Photobombshell: We touched on this briefly, but I know your family is heavily involved in your music career in the best possible way. Describe what having professionals all around is like and share the benefits and pitfalls of that dynamic.

AL99: It is a fantastic blessing to have my family support me through my career. One time I saw a YouTube video about the fastest way to make it in the music industry, and someone commented under it that “the fastest way is to have your family behind your career.” That’s an absolute fact! Many of my fellow artists are doing it completely on their own, and I know how hard it is for them. Having my family support me is everything to me.

I will be honest. There are times when it becomes frustrating having my family so deeply involved in my career because of differences in opinions regarding the music I release, the shows I accept to perform at, or even the people I want to work with. I 100% know they have my best interest at heart, so the few arguments we have about those things are really all worth it.

Photobombshell: I had a feeling it couldn’t all be perfect behind the scenes, but I think you’re right when you cover the motivations behind the involvement and even disagreements. 

Behind the Music

Photobombshell: Now, let’s talk about the music! What is the story behind “Come Back?” That song is a personal favorite that totally gets stuck in your head, which is excellent. What inspired it? 

AL99: The story behind “Come Back” is vivid in my mind and memory. It started as an instrumental I created in 2021, based on Tears for Fears and their song, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” I always loved the elements of the instrumental I created, but it was too long. It was lacking something elusive I couldn’t figure out at the time. So, I archived it and moved on.

About a year and a half later, I came back to it and realized the only thing that would make it better would be the lyrics. I still didn’t have any written at the time. Then finally, one day something popped into my head. I started singing, “Come on back, come on back to me, my love. Come on back,” during a Jets football game. I stopped watching the game and immediately went into my home studio and started recording. The lyrics just flooded out of my head by then, and “Come Back” was born. 

Photobombshell: Share your favorite moments from “Balance” and “Forevermore.”

AL99: “Balance” is a song that started as many 16-verse raps that I pieced together and made cohesive. Besides the composition of the beat, my favorite thing about “Balance” is how I tell a story throughout the song, that has a beginning, middle, and end. Plus, the bars are some of the bests in my catalog.

“Forevermore” was again a song that started with no lyrics in mind and eventually became a song because I felt it was lacking something I couldn’t put my finger on. Once I got the lyrics written, it became one of my favorite songs I’ve created! My favorite thing about this song is the vocal performance. It was made to be a radio hit, and there are no explicit lyrics in the song, which makes it a perfect fit for the radio. The vocal performance is one of the best I’ve delivered and is fun to sing along to, just like “Come Back”.

What Success Means to AL99

Photobombshell: What has been your greatest accomplishment as a musician?

AL99: My greatest accomplishment as a musician has been obtaining over 150,000 streams across all streaming platforms, a MAJOR accomplishment for an indie artist with no big marketing machine behind them.

Photobombshell: Congratulations to you! As an independent artist, you are leading the way in tackling the music business in every aspect, marketing, streaming, creating, performing consistently, and being present to your listeners online! What can we look forward to from you in 2023? 

AL99: For the remainder of 2023, I will release one more LP, continue touring, and score my first feature film.

Photobombshell: Wow! You say it so simply, but I know that is a huge lift! I am looking forward to all of it! What have you wanted to share in an interview, but no one has asked yet?

AL99: I would love to share how my process begins when creating my music. For instance, when I’m making a song, it is usually born out of a melody or chord progression that popped into my head and connects with me. I think this happens because of all the different genres I’ve listened to over the years.

Photobombshell: That is so interesting. I noted that when you touched on some of your favorite songs from your catalog, starting without lyrics. You’re made of music! 

Connect with AL99 and TPC Music Productions

Thank you, Al, for sharing your story and journey with the community here at I have truly enjoyed getting to know you and learning more about your unique experience as a creative musician. I encourage readers to connect with AL99 through all streaming services, social media, and his website! He is an artist creating for more than himself, with much to offer to the independent music community at large! 

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