NYC’s Most Talented Brings Light to New York Underground Music

NYC's Most Talented Brings Light to New York Underground Music

On Wednesday, August 2, 2023, hundreds of music lovers and independent artists hopped in the elevator up to the sixth floor of 617 46th Street to experience the real New York independent music scene at The Penthouse. The privately hosted event, NYC’s Most Talented, was presented by Summer Fest, Gas Gawds, and Trappers Only Show, bringing talent and party vibes from all the boroughs, New Jersey, Maryland, and one artist from as far as Illinois.

With a performer list a mile long, hopeful artists entertained with short sets, bringing their best to the stage. Unlike other “showcase” style shows, this event stayed JAM-PACKED from the beginning. The energy seemed to amplify and increase as the night went on. Scheduled to end at 1:00 am, this event blasted through that end time, squeezing in performers right until the very last moment. Although a delayed start caused minor issues with slot times, event coordinators have, in the days since the show, made public statements about plans for further streamlining the performance set time process in future shows.

NYC's Most Talented event flyer with lineup announced

Throughout the night, performers and guests enjoyed comedy from the exceptional, Cookie the Comedian, who hosted. Cookie ensured there was never a lull, delay, or dull moment, keeping the show going like a well-oiled machine and even stepping in as comedic crowd-control when necessary. As an MC, she is outstanding. To her credit, she’s been applauded for her hosting abilities online and will be appearing again at The Penthouse as host for D. Chamberz and Friends Virgo Birthday Bash on August 23, 2023.

D Chamberz and Friends Virgo Birthday Bash August 23, 2023 at The Penthouse

To leave out the extravagantly beautiful venue would be doing the show a disservice. The Penthouse is a gorgeous space. It is also used as a wedding venue due to stunning views of downtown Manhattan, the Hudson River, and Times Square. On August 2, the 5,000-square-foot space was filled with music and sound, providing a high-energy atmosphere contagious to all in attendance.

Vendors were set up, ready, and mingled with guests, providing a welcoming experience. The vibe at the bar was exceptional, with fast and friendly bartenders who catered to requests with all smiles. With a small but mighty stage space, top-tier sound and lighting systems, and an ambiance that impresses, there is no wonder why The Penthouse is a favorite venue for artists to perform. This space drips New York.

On-site DJs included DJ Dr. Hollywood, DJ Redd Light, and Hot 97’s DJ Spazo. Hopeful performers showed up and showed out for the opportunity to network and get radio play on one of New York’s most loved radio stations. Performers included D. Chamberz, Kitty Kitty, Waydah Blacc, AL99, LB Leo Bars, Melly B, AB Slater, Nymrod, J Woo, Godly Hun, Chris Crown, L Smith, Rambo HP, Iz Hoffa, Money Bagz, Spicee, ItzSue, Maybach, Fugitive, Tone Fuego, Woo Flocko, Yung Kha, Seec Baby, Tog Killa, SNS, Deveye, 13 Ave, Mo Dubb, and a whole host of featured artists that popped up on stage to support fellow independents entertaining the crowd.

While rap certainly reigned supreme over the stage, R&B artist L.Smith shocked all with his stunning vocals, beautiful range, and masterful performance. At one point, host Cookie the Comedian stopped dead in her tracks, seemingly hypnotized by L. Smith mid-song. Beyond being outside of what we often hear at showcases, this artist has a notable tone with a star-powered personality to match it.

L. Smith performing live at NYC’s Most Talented

AL99 showed out again with exceptional energy, performing “Guap” from his latest album, “My Life.” The song has an interactive element that was fun to see in real-time when performed live. AL99 later added LBLeoBars to the stage for “Who With Me” from the album “From the Heart II.” LBLeoBars later took the mic for a solo performance showcasing his stage presence and high-energy rendition of “Ryder” featuring Jamell NYT.

AL99 performing live at NYC’s Most Talented
LBLeoBars performing live at NYC’s Most Talented

In the days after the independent music event, DJ Spazo announced the lineup for his radio show for the week of August 3, 2023. It seems NYC’s Most Talented did, in fact, impact decision-making for his lineup, with several artists present at the August 2 event making it to the radio. Hot 97 listeners heard “Juice” from D. Chamberz, “Talk of the Streets” from Deveye, “This Life” from Nymrod, “Being Broke” from Waydah, and “Icey Blue” from SNS all hit the airwaves.

The moral of the story? Taking risks and taking advantage of opportunities in the New York underground scene pays dividends. Artists have the chance to network, build on business opportunities, and collaborate with like-minded creatives. This is true not only for NYC’s Most Talented but many similar events in the scene. Likewise, making professional mistakes at events like these can have an equal and opposite impact on your music career. Come correct, bring your best, and remain a polished performer on and off the stage. Remember, as an independent artist, you are the business.

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  1. Another great write up about the HipHop Culture in NYC! Thank you for highlighting AL99! The TPC Family appreciates you!

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