LBLeoBars, New York Artist, Unlocks Artists’ Creative Potential

LBLeoBars, New York Artist, Unlocks Artists' Creative Potential

LBLeoBars is a one-of-a-kind creative artist that I have been fortunate enough to meet and interact with within the New York independent music scene. The man knows everyone and is someone who loves to connect the dots. His work and artistry are well respected, and with everything he does for artists, LBLeoBars will assuredly become a household name. In this interview LBLeoBars and I discuss his career, how he found himself in this place professionally, and how he manages everything as a creative with his hands in a little bit of everything. He discusses the power of artist development, education in the music business, and how independent artists can elevate their careers through knowledge.

LBLeoBars performs live on stage at Go Crazy Festival. He holds the microphone in front of him, singing, while wearing an olive colored sweatshirt and copper chains
LBLeoBars performs live on stage at Go Crazy Festival, April 2023. Photo credit: Photobombshell

LBLeoBars Talks Shop with Photobombshell

Photobombshell: LBLeoBars! Thank you so much for taking some time to talk with me about your music career and everything you are doing behind the scenes. Could you please share who you are, where you are from, and what you do?

LBLeoBars: I’m Leo, best known as LBLeoBars, the Brooklyn Mogul, artist developer, independent artist, and project manager. I am also a professional experience curator, community activist, and super dad. I was born and raised in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. Aside from the roles I mentioned previously, I am also stepping into movie script writing and acting.

Photobombshell: Wow! You do so much! Since we first connected in the scene, you have not stopped moving! It was so cool bumping into you at Go Crazy Festival in Brooklyn. After I sent a few press shots from the event, I learned how well-connected and busy you are behind the scenes with independent music in New York, outside of being a performer. Can you share what you do in the event space and your experience as an artist?

LBLeoBars: I curate experiences for clients at different establishments, whether an event, a podcast, an internet radio show, a network T.V. Show, etc. After curating events for a few celebrities, I realized I had a knack for it.

I started ghostwriting and stumbled upon the business side of entertainment and its importance. After a few months of studying my findings, I applied them to my artistry. Great music and the business infrastructure of my brand put me in a powerful position. After developing myself as an artist with what I learned, I applied and got a co-publishing deal with BottlesUpEnt, a distribution deal with SonyMusic, and a distribution deal with AMG. One of my albums has over 3.6 million streams collectively, a testament that the development works.

LBLeoBars performs on stage. He is seen in side profile with his head back, singing into the micorphone while looking u. He is wearing a green sweatshirt and holds his hands up while performing.

Motivation and Inspiration

Photobombshell: The journey has been incredible. It is also refreshing to hear that someone is taking artist development seriously as an independent and making the business work for them. With all you have going on, I am sure you have a strong motivation behind your work. What inspired you to take on all of these roles?

LBLeoBars: Watching artists get taken advantage of and wasting their hard-earned money in all the wrong places helped me realize the façade the entertainment industry feeds off. The business takes advantage of the LACK of legitimate business for the artist. I choose to use my entertainment business knowledge to change the narrative and build an army of self-sufficient, dope, talented, lucrative residual income-gaining superstars to create international tours with. All aspects of what I do in those different roles make this dream uniquely feasible.

Photobombshell: Hats off to you! We come from a similar place in that regard. Many creatives and artists are being taken advantage of in the industry, particularly in their early careers, by opportunistic folks who do not have their best interests in mind. This part, I think you have a great handle on this, but even as an educated and seasoned creative, there can be bumps along the way. Who or what is your motivation and inspiration when things are challenging?

LBLeoBars: My family, my vision, my big picture, and my understanding of balance inspire and motivate me. If you are here to be great and help humanity, why not stand on your faith and hard work? My faith is unbreakable, and all my selflessness becomes my weapon when things get tough. That is how you handle it, and graceful unbreakable faith is the key.

LBLeoBars Shares Advice and Recommendations for Fellow Artists

Photobombshell: I love that you use the word graceful. That is so true to your vibe. As an artist developer, I am sure you have many tips and advice for independent artists. What are your favorites that artists can put into action right now?

LBLeoBars: Working on your artist infrastructure and preparing yourself for the bag is more important than the music. Once you ADAPT your perception to that fact, you have a chance in this over-saturated industry. Everyone is looking for a shortcut rather than doing the business work to get the money. Artists are in a pointless race of spending money to look the best. That is the wrong way to make it and the fastest way to waste money.

Photobombshell: As a musician, you are well-connected in the space. What are some of your favorite places to perform or record?

LBLeoBars: I’ve performed for two decades at every lit performance venue in New York besides the Apollo Theater. A few of my favorites were SOBs, MajorStage, and BlackThorn. The stage dynamics and sound were great for my sets. I love recording at LoudStudios and KwietStudioRoom for the sonic excellence and vibe.

Photobombshell: Thank you! I love how everyone has favorites and can put other artists on with great recommendations like yours. I know you are affiliated with The Factory Place, but not everyone knows what that is. Can you talk to us about your connection with The Factory Place?

LBLeoBars: I am the New York and Latin artist executive and artist developer for The Factory Place. My focus is on the development of tours and entertainer advisement.

LBLeoBars Talks Ghostwriting, New Projects, and the Power of a Team

Photobombshell: I love that. We touched on this earlier, but I am so intrigued about it. During your time as a ghostwriter, what was that experience like, and do you still do it? What persuaded you to come out from behind the scenes?

LBLeoBars: The ghostwriting experience never stopped. It was my biggest and earliest learning experience in the entertainment business. A few situations showed me the power of knowing the business and paid off big time financially. My first camp of serious entertainers did. Flight assembly with my brothers Matty Tosca and TrulightFilms was the experience that catapulted me into my artistry. I always was a writer but wasn’t confident with my voice and tone. My team taught me to play with my tone, and I found my natural sound.

Photobombshell: That’s a great bit of advice. It speaks to the power of the team and how that unique experience of writing for others helped you to hone your sound and craft. Thats dope.

Speaking of your craft, talk to me about your latest single, “Live Life.” What did you enjoy about putting that project together? Do you feel it represents you as an artist?

LBLeoBars: Absolutely! “Live Life” is one of those from-the-heart songs that are so blatantly honest that you either have to love it or hate it. I love tracks that leave no possibility of a gray area. My brother MoscatoBlu was featured on that and added the climax I envisioned to the track. My producer, AL99 of TPC Music Productions, produced it, which always fits me.

Photobombshell: Everyone tap in and check out the project. There is a lot to love. I know you already have a million things planned and are ALWAYS moving. What can we look forward to seeing and hearing from you in 2023?

LBLeoBars: First off, my long-awaited second album, “The Lost Goat” with an array of producers, flavors, and bars, is on the way. I have a few video treatments finalized and ready for post-production coming to my patient supporters. I have a new show that I am co-producing with Ceaser Emmanuel called “New Elite City” coming up. I’m co-managing a television station, “IMTV,” which we should have a whole separate interview about. Last but not least, I will be working on and curating a plethora of elite New York events.

Photobombshell: You are right! We will need more than one interview to cover all of that! I am excited to learn more about your projects and how they connect to the New York music scene! I am especially excited for the Premium Stage Concert Series Volume 3 event on Friday, June 30 in Brooklyn. It looks like it’s going to be a great time!

Premium Stage Concert: June 30!

Again, Leo, that you so much for sharing with the community here at, and we will have to get another date on the calendar soon for updates and details on those open-ended 2023 projects! For those interested in learning more about LBLeoBars and everything he is doing in the independent music space, tap in with him on his website and explore!

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