BAE.wav is Seizing Her Moment in the L.A. Music Scene

BAE.wav is Seizing Her Moment in the L.A. Music Scene

There’s a new bae in town, and she is ready to set the world on fire with positive energy, failing forward, and masterfully crafted audio and visual experiences. Meet BAE.wav, a California-based producer and artist who came into the music industry recently after a lifetime of love for music curation.

Now, BAE.wav is curating playlists and performance sets as a solo artist, taking social media and the stage by storm. In this interview, we discuss her superhero origin story, her challenges as a newbie, and how she approaches difficulties on her path to success.

Photobombshell x BAE.wav

Photobombshell: Thank you so much for agreeing to take some time to discuss your music career with me. I have been a long-time observer and recent listener. I, like many others, look forward to learning more about your story and how you have seemingly popped up out of nowhere, from playlists to performer. Can you share the basics about you and how you got started in music?

BAE.wav: Firstly, thank you for your consideration and continued support! I appreciate your content and platform, and I’m happy to be a part. My start in music honestly came from being a fan. I love music. I went from writing lyrics to curating playlists before I learned anything about proper song structure and how to produce. Live shows are also something I live for! At a certain point, the only thing that feels better than screaming your favorite songs in the front row is performing them on stage!

Photobombshell: It seems like this was your path all along, and you are just now becoming who you are as an artist. That being said, being the new kid on the block doesn’t seem to intimidate you. We see you moving, performing, curating, and creating at a break-neck pace. What motivates you in this space, and where does that air of confidence come from?

BAE.wav: I can’t waste time being afraid. Right now, I’m in a space where the things that used to scare me are what I’m most motivated to pursue! For the longest time, my biggest fear was failure. I’ve realized I can’t fail at something that I’m meant for. Stars are beacons. I have to go hard to help light a path for other dreamers to be great. My purpose is to shine, so I’m ravenously pursuing every opportunity to do that.

Photo credit: DJKCity @djkcity (Girls Night Performace- Jianghu Night Club Feb 27th, 2023)

BAE.wav’s View in a Competitive Market

Photobombshell: I love how passionate you are. There is so much forward momentum when an artist is actively engaged in their career as a passion and not just as an avenue to make money. This is a calling for you.

As an independent artist and producer in LA, there is competition at every turn. As a female producer and creative, how do you create music and vibes that stand out in a saturated male-dominated market?

BAE.wav: There’s no competition when creating your own lane. Los Angeles is an ocean, but musically, I’m on my island having a blast, and people love it. My friends and peers want to join the party because they see a safe space to step out of their comfort zone. Creatively, I cater to genre-bending, and I think that cuts through the market that I’m in.

Photobombshell: I love that. One of the things I share about is how each artist is only in competition with themselves when it comes to art. I couldn’t agree more.

Bae.wav and her Genre-Bending Sound

Photobombshell: Let’s talk about influences. Your sound is unique but relatable, making it a cool blend that people connect with and remember. Being inspired by both the UK garage scene and the California festival scene could be interpreted as being at odds sonically. How do those inspirations play out in your music and work together?

BAE.wav: I think I’m proof that those two sounds partner well together. Combining the two gives gritty free-spirited energy that makes you feel like you can take on the world. I want to help create the soundtrack for my listeners’ “hero’s journey.” Coachella is a huge influence on me as an artist, so everything I’m working toward is meant to put me on that stage.

Photobombshell: Yes! Let’s speak that goal out loud. I am already looking forward to coming back to this interview as a “you heard it here first moment” when you play Coachella.

Advice for Fellow Artists

Photobombshell: Your drive is incredible. As a female producer, what is one tip you would give other independent artists or producers that they can put into use right away?

BAE.wav: Have fun failing! That might sound crazy, but if you’re in this (music) for the long haul, you will have to deal with all kinds of challenges. There will be pressure that naturally comes from pursuing a creative field, and it gets harder once you break into the industry. It’s easy to get so caught up in perfecting and polishing that people forget to have fun. When you trust the process, you’ll always find the wins in what might feel like “fails,” so have fun.

Photobombshell: That’s a perfect attitude, and one that I am sure will render lots of wins for you and anyone taking that advice. You have to be brave and bold to make it! Being brave and bold has its difficulties. What do you see as your greatest challenge as a creative? How do you work to combat that?

BAE.wav: Money is a huge challenge. Of course, as an artist, there are ways to be creative and make miracles happen on minimal budgets, but it’s hard to enjoy creating when you’re stressed about basic human needs like shelter and food. As frustrating as it can be, I always remind myself that all of my problems have a solution, and the challenge helps push me as a creative. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.


Photobombshell: Talk to us about “ELEVEN 11.” What motivated the creation of this track, what inspired it, and what story does it tell?

BAE.wav: “ELEVEN 11” is my baby. I get very sentimental about it because it has a lot of milestones attached to it. The most important thing I can tell you about is its name. “ELEVEN 11” is a reminder that you can wish for things that don’t exist and watch them become a reality. This was the first record I made as a music artist. It’s the complete embodiment of birthing a dream.

Photobombshell: I don’t know why that is so touching to me. I got a little emotional there because you spoke to manifesting and showed us that it’s possible with such ease and grace. What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment as a musician and creative?

BAE.wav: To date, my greatest accomplishment as an artist was making and releasing “ELEVEN 11.” It is the record that shattered all the walls in my mind that had held me back or made me fear being a music artist. I spent years telling myself, “I can’t do that.” All of that was completely washed with one record. It changed my life because it changed my mindset.

Photobombshell: It’s the epitome of “just do it.” I think that moment and decision to move forward with your passion is something fellow creatives can connect with and use in their mindset and careers. It all starts with changing your mind and pushing doubt out of the way! I know you have so much more coming, too!

What’s Next?

Photobombshell: What can we look forward to from you in 2023?

BAE.wav: VISUALS! I am so excited to shoot and put out visuals and to continue expanding the landscape for those on the wav. I’ve also been working hard, planning live performances and immersive experiences for fans.

Photobombshell: I know those visuals and experiences will be out of this world if I know anything about you as an artist. Please keep us posted on events and releases!

Listen to This!

Photobombshell: Before we wrap up, what have you wanted to share in an interview but no one has asked you yet?

BAE.wav: I wish more people would ask about my playlists. I love curating music, so I can’t wait for more baes to catch on and have fun swapping some with me. I like to build playlists inspired by each of my records. As I release my music, I feel like playlists help allow me to expand on stories and concepts beyond my catalog.

Photobombshell: Not only is that a wise move as a creative, but it is also a wise strategic move to make as an artist and performer! I wish more independent artists were doing this. While submitting to other people’s playlists is always cool, there is so much fun and intention when curating a specific vibe that includes your music! I love that.

Thank you, BAE.wav, for being here and sharing your story with us. I see so many exciting things for you in your career, and I look forward to that day when you get on that Coachella stage!

Miley Hart @miley.archives (ELEVEN 11 Cover Art)

Connect with BAE.wav

Readers, listeners, and fans can connect with BAE.wav on her site, through digital streaming platforms, and on social media. Wherever there is cyberspace to be curated, BAE.wav is there. BAE.wav says the best way to connect with her is by sending her an @ on Threads or DM on Instagram.


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